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Bug-fixing process

All bugs (when they apply) are first fixed in my current development tree, which is released from time to time.

The Fixed column tells whether a bug is fixed in my current development tree. Usually, a fixed bug will be scheduled for the next development release.

A bug that require overly-complicated fixes, or library API changes, will usually not be scheduled for the next release of the current stable branch, but rather for the next stable branch.


Not all known bugs are listed here yet - the BUGS file in the source package is quite big, and you might want to have a look at its contents.

This page layout is not perfect, it would probably gain being generated from some real database...

Open bugs

At least one of the latest stable and latest development releases does not fix these bugs. "N/A" stands for Not Applicable, and means a given bug does not apply, so a fix schedule has no meaning; "done" is self explainatory - have a look at the Closed bugs table for more details.

Summary Fixed Dev. fix
Stable fix
The console_ioctls(4) manpage is outdated No ? ?
resizecons command-line parsing is broken, but this command is largely deprecated No ? ?
setkeycodes appears not to call KDSETKEYCODE ioctl No ? ?
findfile() has a bug which prevents to load gr.kmap No ? ?
The psf*table(1) tools do not print usage when called with no args No 0.3.x 0.2.x
consolechars --acm=file wrongly interprets console-data ACMs since glibc locales can be read No 0.3.x N/A
manpage for openvt(1) does not mention the original name open Yes 0.3.4 0.2.4
manpage for openvt(1) does not document option -f Yes 0.3.4 0.2.4
setkeycodes ignores the last pair of arguments, and accepts 0 arguments Yes 0.3.4 0.2.4
consolechars, dumpkeys, showkey, vt-is-UTF8 call version() with a bad prototype, possibly causing segfaults Yes 0.3.4 0.2.4
Prototype for version() does not declare argument types Yes 0.3.4 0.2.4
openvt -w has problems Yes 0.3.4 0.2.4
Some output to dumpkeys(8) is localized, though it should not be (loadkeys-readable output) Yes 0.3.4 done
acm_activate() does not activate the G0 or G1 charset, it only makes the slot point to user ACM Yes 0.3.4 done

Closed bugs

These bugs are closed at least in one release of the tools. "N/A" here may either mean that the bug has not been fixed in one release, or that it does not exist there. See Open bugs table for details.

Bugs not fixed in all releases come first, anciently fixed ones come last.

Summary Dev. fix Stable fix
Some output to dumpkeys(8) is localized, though it should not be (loadkeys-readable output) N/A 0.2.3
acm_activate() does not activate the G0 or G1 charset, it only makes the slot point to user ACM N/A 0.2.3
consolechars --tty tty -m acm activates the acm just loaded on the current tty, not on the one specified on command-line 0.3.1 0.2.3
The compat scripts use the non-POSIX function keyword 0.3.1 0.2.2
showkey defaults to displaying scancode, instead of keycodes as it should 0.3.1 0.2.2
configure --enable-localdatadir does not compile 0.3.1 0.2.2
Programs using is_in_UTF8_mode() coredump when run in an xterm 0.3.1 0.2.2
Raw fonts (old files) cannot be read 0.3.1 0.2.2
openvt has a buffer overflow problem 0.3.1 0.2.2
The compat dir does not support the DESTDIR convention 0.3.1 0.2.2
ISO-8859-4 keysyms are somewhat erroneous 0.3.1 0.2.1
loadkeys dvorak attemps to load the directory, not the file 0.3.1 0.2.1
charset(1) only writes error messages in verbose mode 0.3.1 0.2.1

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