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Bug-fixing process

No process has been defined for handling datafile bugs. For now I just list the problems. Files that are too much garbled may be dropped in a future release if nobody volunteers to fix them.

Like on other pages here, only recent infos are listed here. I'll quite easily identify fully erroneous (latin) fonts, but will appreciate any other reports on erros in the data files.

1. Font problems

Fonts with erroneous glyphs or SFM bugs (severity: grave)

seem to be cp437 glyphs using an iso07 SFM.
glyph 0x69 (ASCII i) is inverted.

PSF fonts without an SFM (severity: medium)

This is an exhaustive list as of release 1999.08.29.

  • alt-8x14.psf, alt-8x16.psf, alt-8x8.psf
  • altb-8x16.psf
  • altc-8x16.psf
  • aply16.psf
  • arm8.psf
  • cp850-8x14.psf, cp850-8x16.psf, cp850-8x8.psf
  • cp865-8x14.psf, cp865-8x16.psf, cp865-8x8.psf
  • cp866-8x16.psf
  • Cyr_a8x14.psf, Cyr_a8x16.psf, Cyr_a8x8.psf
  • def2_8x16.psf
  • gr737-8x8-2.psf, gr737-8x8.psf
  • gr737-9x14-2.psf, gr737-9x14.psf
  • gr737-9x16-2.psf, gr737-9x16-medieval.psf, gr737-9x16.psf
  • gr8x14.psf, gr8x16.psf, gr8x6.psf, gr8x7.psf, gr8x8.psf
  • grcourier.psf
  • greek.psf
  • gr.f14.psf, gr.f16.psf
  • grfixed.psf
  • iso01a-8x14.psf, iso01a-8x16.psf, iso01a-8x8.psf
  • koi8-14.psf, koi8-8x14.psf, koi8-8x16.psf, koi8-8x8.psf
  • koi8b-8x16.psf
  • koi8c-8x16.psf
  • koi8r-8x8.psf
  • lat2-08.psf, lat2-10.psf, lat2-12.psf, lat2-14.psf, lat2-16.psf
  • lat7-14.psf
  • Mik_8x16.psf
  • t850b.psf, tcvn8x16.psf, t.psf

Other font problems

  • For some reason the lat1-* and lat1u-* fonts are strictly identical.

2. Keymap problems

Erroneous mappings (severity: grave)

  • The pt-latin1 uses keymaps 0-2,4,6,8,12 instead of keymaps 0-4,6,8,12

Incomplete (severity: medium)

  • The brazilian br-abnt2 has 3 keys which do not work.
  • lv-latin4, lv-latin7 ?

Not factorized (severity: cosmetic)

  • us-latin1

Other problems

No accented chars, and first in choice list. Should be renamed. de-programmers was suggested (Debian Bug#38187).

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