The Linux Console Tools

July 15th, 2000
Moved website to SourceForge, following Altern closing because of a dumb law being voted in France.
June 21th, 2000
Activated a SourceForge project to help in managing this piece of software.
June 20th, 2000
I just fetched a bunch of mails from my old email account, which finally reopened POP access. Immediate work will be updating the bugs page integration of bug fixes to release 0.2.4, and data updates. 0.3.4 should follow shortly.
October 25th, 1999
Stable release 0.2.3 is out.
October 19th, 1999
This WWW site moved from to
September 22th, 1999
Development release 0.3.3 is out.
August 31th, 1999
Stable release 0.2.2 is out.
August 29th, 1999
Console-data 1999.08.29 is out.
August 26th, 1999
Development release 0.3.2 is out.
August 19th, 1999
Development release 0.3.1 is out.
July 20th, 1999
WWW pages reworked again, playing with CSS. This is largely experimental, suggestions are welcomed. For most cases, I can't tell whether the problems are mine or Netscape's :(
July 19th, 1999
Stable release 0.2.1 is out.
WWW pages reworked.
June 24th, 1999
Development release 0.3.0 is out.
May 1999
Newly released Red Hat Linux 6.0 ships with Console-tools 1999.03.02 instead of kbd.
April 15th, 1999
Console-tools 0.2.0 is out.
Console-data 1999.04.15 is out.
April 7th, 1999
Home site reorganization.
March 3rd, 1999
Maintainance release 1999.03.02 is out.
Buggy release 1999.02.28 has been removed from this site.
February 28th, 1999
First publication of a Linux Console CREDITS file
Release 1999.02.28 is out.
August 11th, 1998
Release 1998.08.11 is out.

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