The Linux Console Tools


This page will mention the submissions I received but did not incorporated yet, as well as the status in my study of those submissions. Only some recent of them are there for now, I did not handle all of my folder right now.

Typical steps are:

  1. Fetching (when sent URL only)
  2. Integrating
  3. Releasing (for the tools: in stable and development versions)

Tools pipeline

Preliminar german .po fileTo be released in stable package
Russian .po fileTo be released in stable package

Data pipeline

Updated slovak keymapsTo be integrated
Updated US/{cz,sk} keymaps
Georgian font and keymap
Brazilian keymaps
Hacked hypermap.m4 optimized for Xemacs usersTo be fetched
Updated french keymaps (from HOWTO)
Latin9 fonts to replace current latin0 ones
Belgium keymaps with euro
Turkish fonts
ISO fonts with graphical chars
Latvian keyboard layoutsReleased
Latin7 (iso8859-13) font, 14x8, no SFM
Fixed estonian keymap
Fix for Ctrl-] in de.kmap
Turkish keymap fixes
Ukrainian fonts and tables
Mac keymap file for German Extended keyboard

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