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Unassigned tasks list

If you wish to collaborate to one of these tasks, please get in touch with the people listed for this task, and then let me know.

Some people only mentionned their interest in a task, are not really assigned to it, but are merely listed here with a question mark, just so that you know someone has expressed an interest, and so that you may get in touch with them directly, eg. to provide some help to them without depending on me to be there and forward.


Not all tasks are listed here yet - the TODO file in the source package is quite big, and you might want to have a look at its contents.

Task Assigned to Scheduled for
Reading Xkb files - -
Adding support for all KDFONTOP operations - -
Tools to convert to/from various font-file formats - -
Order / assign priorities to tasks - -
Implement font-format specific reading and writing options - -
Make libcfont more modular (file-format plugins) - -
consolechars --old-font should add/check correct suffix - -
Cleanup zombie issues in findfile() - -
Port findfile() from multiprocess to multithread ? - -
Convert manpages into SGML (docbook) - -

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