The Linux Console Tools


These is the home page for l10n (aka. localization) of the Linux Console Tools.

Only tasks on which someone is supposed to be working are listed here.


We need translators for the programs messages. We already have ongoing work on several locales, but this is not enough to support all possible languages ;)

Translators should focus on the last stable release, for which the messages are less subject to change. They may want to send me even a partly completed .po file; this may allow to get feedback from users somewhat more rapidly.

If you wish to do the l10n for your language, first install GNU gettext on your machine (there is a Debian precompiled package - don't know about other dists), and have a look at the info file explaining how to do l10n; then tell me you're going to work on it, to prevent duplicated work; then get the latest stable source for console-tools and start translating.

There will be a code-freeze period before promoting an unstable release to a stable status, which will allow for updating .po files before release.

Basically, it will involve copying the po/console-tools.pot into po/you-language.po, fill in the blanks with your translations, and add a reference to your newly created .po file in some place. There is a PO mode for emacs shipped with gettext which greatly helps.

Languages known to come

Status is semi-manually computed, on the shipped .po files, using the following method:

  1. make -C po/ LANG.pox
  2. Load LANG.pox into Emacs (po-mode)
  3. Run po-statistics (=)
  4. Compute the ratio, keeping in mind that the 1st entry in the .po (file identifier text) file does should not count, as well as obsolete entries, but are part of the global po-statistics-reported count.

There are types of 2 status columns: one for the stable releases, and one for the development tree. The numbers between parenthesis in the headers are the respective total count of messages to be translated. The estimated dev. status at a given date is here as an estimation only, and is not expected to grow before freeze-time; it may be based on my current working tree.

Task Assigned to 0.2.2
Czech Jiri Pavlovsky 100% 100% 88%
Russian Ilya Ketris 90% 90% 80%
German Armin Wolfermann 88% 88% 80%
Estonian Meelis Roos - 38% -
Danish Birger Langkjer - 33% -
Italian Lorenzo Cappelletti - 25% -
French Vincent Renardias 3% 3% 3%
Gaelic Alastair McKinstry 0.3% 0.3% 0.2%
Latvian Ilya Ketris - - -
Chinese Yu Guanghui - - -
Spanish Román Torres López - - -
Japanese GOTO Masanori - - -
Swedish Christer Gustavsson ? - - -
Dutch M.Brands ? - - -

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