The Linux Console Tools


The Linux Console Data is a set of keymaps, fonts, and various translation tables, for use by the Console Tools.

These files used to be part of the Console Tools distribution, but as they are quite different in nature, they are now distributed independantly. Their version numbering is based on the date they were released.

The future

It may be better for the maintainance of the data files to split them into more closely related packages: console-data-latin, console-data-cyrillic, console-data-japanese, console-data-ethiopic, etc.

I'm aware that such efforts have already started; what I'd like would be to have all of them use common conventions and a common framework, in order to ease their interoperability.

These data files would be linked to from these pages, maybe with comments, so that people can easily find them and know their current status.

A console-data-obsolete package may appear one day, including all files that are no more relevant and just waste space in the main package. These will be old SCM files, current ACM files (obsoleted by the glibc-charmap reader in 0.3.x), SFM files when all fonts will be have a correct one, and maybe (part of ?) current keymaps, if/when we switch to reading Xkb files.

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